Artist Statement

  I find that being alone in nature and taking the time to absorb its nuances heightens the spirit and returns man to a naturalistic state of being. As I walk through the landscape, wherever that may be, I am able to open my senses and feel the rhythm of natures subtle tempo. I use my five senses to filter the experience and my intellect to consider what about that experience inspires me as a human and as an artist. This process triggers emotions, emotions that form the very core of my art. I am always searching for those moments of awe, that feeling of being in the midst of natural devinity.  The sun and the earth work together, projecting the  face of nature for all to see.  It is my task to in some way synthesize this portrait, and use the language of a particular medium to bring my viewer a little piece of my own vision.  I have devoted my life to sharing these experiences.


  When an artist is consciously aware of his surroundings, and at ease with nature, he/she is able to penetrate the sensual veil of reality and communicate directly with the spirit. Thus he/she creates a new reality, a magical reality in which the countless elements of the landscape are simplified and honed into a finely tuned piece of art.